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Summary of cover 

Policy Summary (policies issued after 01/09/2008)

Policy Cover Cover provided up to Excess if applicable*
A1.Cancelling your trip
We will pay for the costs of your trip if you have to cancel because of the unforeseen illness or death of a close relative, or if your presence is required in the UK because you are called up on jury service, subpoenaed as a witness in a court of law, or your home has been severely damaged, or you are made redundant, or you are compulsorily quarantined, or if you cancel after a 24- hour delay.
As purchased up to £19,999 £75
B1. Travel Delay
If Your Outward journey is delayed for more than 12 hours:
  • Delayed travel first 12 hours
  • Delayed travel each futher 12 hours
  • Delayed travel total
  • Missing your departure
  • Abandoning your trip after 24 hours

As purchased up to £19,999

B2.Personal Luggage
If your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged we will pay for the cost of replacement (less wear, tear and depreciation).
  • Your personal belongings
  • Valuables Limit
  • Single article limit
  • Personal belongings delayed in transit for more than 12 hours



B3. Money & Travel documents
We will cover you for the loss of money you are carrying on your person or which you have left in a safety deposit box. If you lose your passport we will pay for reasonable travel and accommodation costs incurred in replacing it.
  • Personal money
  • Cash Limt
  • Cash Limit if under 18

  • Your travel documents




B4. Emergency medical expenses outside home country
If you have a sudden and unforeseen accident or illness during your trip we will pay for your reasonable medical expenses and the costs of bring you back to the UK.

  • State hospital stay benefit abroad per 24 hours
  • State hospital stay benefit abroad total
  • Emergency dental treatment


B5. Cutting short your trip (see note 2)
We will pay for your unused proportion of (i) transport charges, (ii) loss of accommodation, (iii) additional travel expenses that you have paid or agreed to pay and that you cannot recover from any other source following your necessary curtailment of your trip.
As purchased up to £19,999 £75
B6. Personal Liability
If you become legally liable for accidentally injuring any person or damaging their property, we will cover you against all sums which you become legally liable to pay and all costs awarded to the claimant or incurred in defending the claims
£2,000,000 per policy £Nil
B7. Personal Accident
Covers you for loss of life, limb or sight that occurs during the trip after an accident.
  • Death
  • Loss of Limb
  • Permanent Total Disablement


B8. Legal advice and costs
If you suffer death, illness or injury during your trip and decide to take legal action in pursuit of compensation, we will pay for legal costs and additional travel expenses.
£50,000 per policy £Nil
B9. Mugging
£25 per day up to £500 Nil
B10. Hijack
£50 per day up to £500 Nil
B11. Catastrophe
£1,000 Nil
B12. Cruise cabin confinement
£25 per 24 hours up to £600 Nil
B13. Unused cruise excursions
Up to £500 £75
B14. Cruise itinerary change
£100 per port up to £500 £75 is a trading style of Rock insurance limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), number 300317.